Wie kann ich meine Spuren im Internet verwischen?
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How can I cover my tracks on the Internet?

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When surfing the Internet, traces are inevitably left behind. However, there are a few tricks that enable safe and largely trace-free surfing. The following tips can help you to surf the Internet safely and leave as few traces as possible.

Anonymous surfing / incognito mode / private mode

All web browsers offer an incognito mode. In this mode, the websites visited are not saved and significantly fewer cookies are set. The procedure varies depending on the browser.

Internet Explorer

Tools → InPrivate Browsing

Mozilla Firefox

Menu → Private Window

Google Chrome

Google Chrome customize and set → New incognito window


File → New private window

Microsoft Edge

More → New InPrivate Window

Use secure passwords

A secure password consists of several letters, numbers and special characters. Special characters such as the exclamation mark in particular improve security enormously.